Story; My Experience In My Father’s Village.

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My Experience My Father’s Village……. Sambo


When I was 10years old, Ochuko’s father, Ikebe’s father, and

my father traveled to the evil forest to seek the voice of the

gods. They left their shrine in our hands as their only surviving

sons. They told us to handle their Juju well and to attend to

the customers as they came.

On the night they were to return, we were all sitting in front of

our shrine waiting for customers when Ochuko cleared his

throat and said to us.

“My father is the strongest amongst your fathers.”

Before I could even respond, Ikebe sprang up angrily and

started shaking his insignia.

“You lie. Ochuko, you lie, my father is the strongest of your

father and your father’s fathers. It was my father that gave your

father the powers he is using to boast around.”

“And who do you think gave your father power?” I blurted. “No,

tell me. Who do you think gave your father powers? Look, it

was my father that gave your father, and in turn, your father

transferred just a little portion to Ochuko’s father. My father is

the strongest.” I boasted.

Ochuko and Ikebe became angry and started pointing at me.

“How will you say it was your father that gave my father

power?” Ikebe asked angrily.

“Ikebe hope you can see the insult. The arrogance, the


Before I could talk one, Ikebe ran into his father’s shrine and

brought out his father’s Juju. He pointed it at me and my heart

skipped four beats.

“Ikebe careful make you no wound person o. Careful.”

Ikebe did not listen, he raised the insignia and I immediately

raised my father’s insignia to block his projection.

The projection bounced back and landed on Ochuko’s head.

This was how Ochuko turned into a black-goat. At first, we

thought it was Ochuko that decided to turn himself into a goat

in self-defense, so we started laughing.

Not until we discovered that Ochuko was actually doing

“meeehhh” just like a real goat will.

“Ikebe turn him back o. Turn Ochuko back.” I screamed


“My father did not teach me how to turn someone from goat

to human being. He only thought me how to turn human beings

to he-goat.”

We all gathered our charms and pots together and brought

Ochuko into the shrine. Together we tried to combine powers

to turn Ochuko back to normal. But it never worked out.

Filled with terror, we carried Ochuko into his father’s shrine

and kept him there. We tied his neck with a rope and strapped

him to a tree.

That evening our fathers returned. We were scared to approach

Ochuko’s father to tell him of the event that had occurred. So

we left him, hoping he was going to call us and question us

about the mysterious black goat in his shrine.

The next morning, we woke up to find Ochuko’s father

seriously eating a plate of Goat meat pepper soup.

Fear gripped me.

Hot urine filled my bladder.

I greeted him and he nodded happily and called me back just

as I was about to run away.

“I am eating the goat my son kept for me.”

“Woww! Wowwww!” I sounded like a siren.

“This is a beautiful Sacrifice.”

“Yes sir.”

“You guys did a very great job.”

“Yes sir.” I nodded again.

“Who brought the goat? It is big and fresh.”

“Yes sir.”

“I said which customer brought the goat you are telling me yes


“Yes sir.”



“Are you okay?”

“Yes sir.”

“So who brought the goat?”

“Yes sir.”

My name is sambo and I am the best at what I


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