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Oh Lord borrow my knees for my generation


I have seen the need and I want to do something
If you can use anything, then use me 😭
I’m ready to go for you 😭

My generation loves going to church but does not know you. They were born in Church but doesn’t know the Christ who owns the church 😭

My generation loves to shout “ride on pastor”without you riding on us 😭

My generation spends hours in the saloon just to beautify themselves but cannot spend one hour in your presence without complaining 😭

Lord, Your sons spend hours watching football games but doozed off in the place of prayers 😭
They know how to woo women and make them say YES to sleep with them but they can’t use that gift to win souls unto you 😭

They spend hours in the gym building bodies just to impress females but can’t spend 20 minutes in the place of prayer 😭

Lord, Your daughters cry when watching movies, cry when their boyfriends leave them but they haven’t drop tears for the work you did at Calvary 😭

They listen keenly when a president is speaking or one famous man or woman is talking but chew bubble gum in church while listening to you 😭

Some of them are even messengering and WhatsApping while in your presence. Something they can never do to even the Presidents of their countries but they do it to you oo😭

The matter of the Kingdom means nothing to them 😭
The royalty of your Kingdom has been adulterated 😭

Both your sons and daughters proudly cheer their favorite football clubs and wear their diverse jerseys of identification but they are ashamed of identifying with you 😭

They’re not ashamed to put on things that exalt Satan but they’re ashamed to put on clothings that glorify you 😭

They can post their favorite celebrities on their status, argue and defend them 24/7 but they can never post anything that has to do with you on their status or timelines 😭

Most of them have become neutral because they don’t want to be identified with you 😭

Most of them don’t even have you in their mind, but their celebrities who are leading them to hell are the ones they talk of everyday when they meet😭

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They believe what the newspaper and television say but argue and question what the Bible says 😭
They even mock and make fun of those who are running against the winds of this world. 😭

Lord, can’t you see the happenings around us? 😭

Both your daughters and sons are singing for you in church while sinning against you after church😭

They told us that you only look at the inward thereby dressing naked and even in your house. 😭
Lord, Even the men you set as watchmen on the altar have been watchwomen in the bedrooms of our female members 😭

What shall we do Lord if you don’t help us? 😭
Borrow my knees oh Lord, there is something I can do for you in this generation. Make me the next Esther 😭

If I perish, I perish but my generation must not perish 😭

You borrowed the knees of men of old
You borrowed the knees of John Hyde
You borrowed the knees of John Wesley

Lord borrow my knees 😭
Can you say this to God too?
Are you available?
It’s a hearty cry 😭

It is time for raw fire🔥 No more stories

Credit; Tybanks

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